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School Information

21CCLC School Information


Eligible applicants are those who primarily serve students and the families of students of high poverty schools or schools that are eligible for schoolwide Title I programs. A 21st CCLC program must be implemented by a local education agency, community-based organization, another public or private entity, or a consortium of two or more agencies, organizations, or entities. The eligible entity will provide assurance that the proposed program was developed, and will be carried out, in active collaboration with the schools the students attend. The 21st CCLC program must be located in a public school facility or in a facility that is at least as available and accessible to students as if the program were located in a public elementary, middle, or secondary school.

Applicants must demonstrate that they meet the statutory program requirements of serving students from schools eligible for schoolwide Title I programs, or schools with 40% or greater poverty based on free and reduced lunch status, as determined by using verified information.

Program Overview

  1. Program curriculum must be comprised of at least 65% STEM/STEAM, academic, reading, literacy, etc.
  2. Programs must operate a minimum of seven hours per week, unless extenuating circumstances arise, such as inclement weather.
  3. Students must attend 30 days or more for funding purposes, excluding summer programming. A student must sign into the program to count as one day of attendance.
  4. Each program must have a monitoring report that is reviewed with staff. An outlined procedure must exist for each item in the report.

Questions about your school’s eligibility to participate? Contact SEEC’s Director of Student Services Jolene Garty at 701-997-2463 or jolene.garty@k12.nd.us