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Beginning Teacher Network

Research clearly shows that the quality of the teacher in the classroom has a great effect on student achievement. In order to become as effective as possible, every first-year teacher deserves the support of his/her principal and colleagues and, in addition, a trained mentor who works in close proximity to the new teacher, a trained mentor who works in the same content area or grade level as the new teacher (the previous two may be the same person), and the support of other beginning teachers.

SEEC's Beginning Teacher Network (BTN) is a professional development program that offers new educators an opportunity for support and collaboration in order to enhance classroom practices. The program seeks to provide first-year educators with an opportunity for professional growth, collegial dialogue, support and guidance. BTN meetings provide a face-to-face forum for discussing topics that arise from the teachers' day-to-day pracies. Key ideas meant to trigger discussion include classroom management, state standards, assessment and responding to student needs.BTN is funded through a grant provided by the N.D. Teacher Support System.

2018-19 School year dates
Fall Session: September 18 (elementary) or 19 (secondary)
Spring Session: March 27 (secondary) or 28 (elementary)
Check-in Sessions: TBD

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Additional Teacher Induction Support

Valley Partnership New Teacher Summer Academy

The New Teacher Summer Academy is a one-day workshop that provides new teacher education graduates WITH or WITHOUT A K-12 CONTRACTED POSITION the opportunity to network with veteran teachers and K-12 administrators, to learn more about those details that may not have been covered in your preparation coursework, and to walk away with a plan of action for your first days in the K-12 classroom or in a substitute teaching position.

ND Teacher Support System

Teacher SupportThe Teacher Support System was established by the North Dakota Legislature to provide trained mentors for first-year teachers in North Dakota. First-year teachers eligible to participate are those who are in their first year of contracted teaching and are employed by a public school district, Career and Technical center, special education unite, BIE school or REA. Teachers in private schools are not presently eligible. The Teacher Support System provides:

  • Mentor training
  • Administrator training (online)
  • Online class for first-year teachers
  • Seminars and advanced training opportunities for mentors
  • Travel expenses for program trainings and seminars
  • A structured program for all participants
  • Stipends for mentors (up to $1600/year upon completion of all activities)
  • Reimbursement of up to $500 for substitute use for program activities

The following mentor training sessions will be held in August 2017 for first-time mentors and anyone who trained more than four years ago and hasn't mentored since then:

  • August 2 & 3 in Grand Forks
  • August 7 & 8 in Fargo
  • August 9 & 10 in Minot
  • August 14 & 15 in Bismarck

September trainings are reserved for mentors of late hires so teachers don't have to be out of their classrooms early in the year.

  • September 6 & 7 in Fargo
  • September 11 & 12 in Bismarck

School/District Orientation

Providing new teachers with an orientation to the school building, procedures and resources - both people and materials - helps them to feel comfortable and confident in their new school. It is important for them to become aware of the support available to them and their students and to begin to identify how they fit into the larger school learning community.This can be done in a variety of ways including meeting with a principal, having a "buddy", or a new teacher tour.


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Contact Information

Carol Beaton
Beginning Teacher Network Coordinator
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