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LETRS® Training

LETRS® provides K-12 educators with an in-depth understanding of the science behind teaching literacy and gives them the background and depth of knowledge to teach language and literacy skills to every student. Designed to be the cornerstone of a multiyear, systemic literacy improvement initiative, LETRS® is the most respected comprehensive professional development course for instructors of reading, spelling, and related language skills.

LETRS® for K-12 Educators

What is LETRS®:

  • LETRS® is a professional development course that provides teachers with an understanding of scientifically-based best practices for instructional routines, activities, and approaches.
  • LETRS® is NOT a reading program
  • LETRS® is NOT a curriculum
  • Instead, LETRS® is KNOWLEDGE

How it works:

  • Leaders select staff to join the 2-year LETRS® cohort in North Dakota
  • Staff complete Units 1-4 in year one and Units 5-8 in year two through both online and face-to-face training
  • LETRS® requirements for EACH volume:
    1. Complete four asynchronous online modules (time commitments listed below):
      • Volume 1: Unit 1 (12-16hrs) | Unit 2 (12-16hrs) | Unit 3 (12-17hrs) | Unit 4 (14-19hrs)
      • Volume 2: Unit 5 (10-14hrs) | Unit 6 (10-14hrs) | Unit 7 (10-15hrs) | Unit 8 (12-18hrs)
    2. Attend four, one-hour synchronous professional learning community (PLC) meetings [3:30 - 4:30pm]
    3. Attend four face-to-face sessions in Fargo, ND [9:00am - 4:30pm]


  • $550 per person
  • Subsidized through NDDPI funding
  • Includes all PD and materials