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N.D. Multi-Tier System of Supports

North Dakota’s Multi-Tier System of Supports (NDMTSS) is a framework to provide all students with the best opportunities to succeed academically and behaviorally in school. NDMTSS focuses on providing high-quality instruction and interventions matched to student need, monitoring progress frequently to make decisions about changes in instruction or goals. Data are used to allocate resources to improve student learning and support staff implementation of effective practices.


  • Assessment is the process of collecting, reviewing, and using information to make educational decisions about student learning. The type of information collected is determined by the intended use of the results or type of decision that is needed.

Data Based Decision Making

  • Data-based decision making “optimizes the use of data for purposes of informing individual student instruction, identifying strengths and weaknesses in a classroom, and illuminating trends and gaps across a school district.”

Multi-Tiered Instruction

  • A multi-tier approach is used to efficiently differentiate instruction for all students. The model incorporates increasing intensities of instruction and assessments offering specific, research-based interventions matched to student needs driven by data.

Infrastructure and Support Mechanisms

  • Knowledge, resources, and organizational structures necessary to operationalize components of NDMTSS in a unified system to meet established goals

Fidelity and Evaluation

  • Fidelity is the degree of exactness with which something is implemented or conducted.
  • Evaluation is a measure of the effectiveness of individual resources and practices.