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Leading for Literacy Impact

Good news - approximately 90-95% of all K-3 students can achieve literacy skills at or approaching grade level! Bad news - it takes approximately 17 years to turn 14% of original research into practice for the benefit of students. In this course, district and school-level instructional leaders will be provided with the scientifically based knowledge and tools needed to close the research-to-practice gap.

Course includes:

  • 4 sessions with SEEC facilitators (two zoom meetings, two in-person learning days)
  • Ideas and materials for leading future Professional Learning Communities (PLC's)
  • Classroom observation and feedback tool for foundation skill instruction with specific 'look-fors' and red flags
  • Template for school-wide implementation and de-implementation plan
  • Content aligned to the IDA's Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading
  • CEU available for additional cost

Session 1: Back-to-School: Reading Simulation
Prepare to be fully engaged with your web camera and mic on through this immersive, interactive reading experience.

Sessions 2 & 3: How the Brain Learns to Read and the Implications for Reading Instruction and Assessment
Learn about the last five decades of research that allow educators to assess, teach, and improve student outcomes through prevention of reading difficulties.

Session 4: Capstone
Each participant will share the results of their data analysis and classroom observation(s). What next step(s) will you take in your building?